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Archives for October 2013

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Hope: A Church Standing Against Abuse

Abuse is something the church does not speak about enough. This is a major problem because abuse is so prevalent -- even in faith communities and Christian homes. Abuse has devastating effects on individuals, families, work places, friendships and marriages, sometimes for generations. ...

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What Is Christmas? Christmas Series 2013

New Sermon Series for Christmas 2013. In this series, Pastor Duane will share what the Bible says about the true meaning of Christmas....

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Invest & Invite

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase used around Hope lately. It is part of our vision and it’s all about partnership with you, the staff, and the Holy Spirit. The idea of “Invest and Invite” is that each attender is a partner with the pastoral staff in reaching people for Christ. ...

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Caught in a Tension That Never Was Supposed to Exist

As a student at North Park University in Chicago I had several friends who gave up their Friday night to work with the homeless ministry. They would make bags of food that they would take downtown and give to the homeless. Other friends would serve with the after school program once a week to help tutor kids from Cabrini Green, a public housing project on Chicago's north s...

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Photo Highlights from our Missionaries in Mexico

In this weeks article we hear from Janice and Tom Kelly, the missionaries we support and pray for in Mexico City. In this update Janice gives us some photo highlights of how their ministry is going, as well as some important prayer requests....

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Geri-Antics - The Beauty of Our Elderly

I spend a lot of time with elderly people. Even if my visits weren't part of my work, I would still find a way to be with them. Everyday the elderly astound and inspire me with their stories of hardships overcome, of the ripple effects of wars fought abroad and in the homes down the street, of great loves lost or found, of building families and communities with hard work g...

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