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Hope: A Church Standing Against Abuse


Hope Weekly 10/27/13

Hope: A Church Standing Against Abuse

Abuse is something the church does not speak about enough. This is a major problem because abuse is so prevalent -- even in faith communities and Christian homes. Abuse has devastating effects on individuals, families, work places, friendships and marriages, sometimes for generations. It can cause physical, emotional and spiritual harm, which changes the way we see the world, God, and ourselves. Because abuse has such power, it's very important that everyone has a basic understanding of abuse. I encourage you to take five minutes and watch this excellent video produced by the Covenant Church: http://covchurch.tv/why-ava/

Abuse is happening in our community. You or someone you know might be a victim. Please know that there are several people at Hope that serve as advocates. Yvonne DeVaughn (National Director, Advocacy for Victims of Abuse and a Hope member), Will DeVaughn (a Hope elder) and I are all AVA coordinators. We support victims through listening, safety planning and other advocacy efforts. All advocates maintain strict confidentiality.

Hope Covenant is also a host site for Mending the Soul Ministries. MTS leads small groups of men or women through faith-based, psychologically sound reflection, exercises and sharing. MTS was a significant source of comfort and healing in my own life. I experienced abuse as an adolescent and in the workplace as an adult. My MTS group was a safe space to share my story, which was received with compassion and understanding.

If you or someone you know needs help or might be interested in a Mending the Soul group, please contact me at corrie@hopechurchchandler.com.

With hope,

corrie g

Pastor Corrie

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Great article Pastorr Corrie. Thank you for sharing your own story too.



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