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Archives for August 2012

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Teaching Your Children to Be Christians

Parents need to teach their children how to be a Christian, along with their school subjects....

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Practical Spirituality: The Tie That Binds

Gravity and nuclear forces hold the physical universe together. What holds the spiritual universe together, preventing us from fragmenting into separate specks of spiritual dust? It's Love. But love draws us so close together that bumps and bruises are inevitable. So God gave us lubricants to reduce the friction and heat that would otherwise destroy us as surely as a r...

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Update from our Missionaries in Mexico City

Here is a August Newsletter update from Janise and Tom Kelly, our missionaries serving in Mexico City. They will be visiting Hope Covenant Church, Sunday, September 23. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. ...

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The "Goat Man" and Christian Living

“He’s been spotted out in the dusty wilds of Utah, lurking among the four-hoofed creatures on his hands and knees. He wears a funny suit with horns and a phony beard. And he’s developing a public following. He is… Goatman. And he’s baaaaaaaad...” says John Glionna. Believe it or not, the Goat Man has a thing or two to teach us....

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Social Justice Issues Have Opened CHIC Students Eyes and Hearts

Students at CHIC(Covenant High in Christ)2012 have impressed workshop and seminar leaders with their passion to serve the broken next door and around the world. The seminar took place in Knoxville, TN in July....

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Change is difficult. Mention to any human being that "change" is in order, and uneasiness sets in. Old habits are difficult to break....

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