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Archives for June 2012

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God's Child

A sense of God's unconditional and lavish love for us is foundational to our spiritual formation. It is the fertile soil out of which our growth can take place. Today we welcome as guest writer, Richard Parrish, to share his story of learning to see himself as God's beloved child....

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I'm not a fan of "church" words. I don't mean technical terms – redeem, sanctify, and baptize, for example – that mean specific things and belong in church. I mean those words that we use out of habit long after we've forgotten why. My past is littered with lots of King James thees and thous, and spiritual-sounding words like mindful… words I never use in casual c...

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What's the Big Deal about Church Membership?

Who needs church membership? Why does it even matter? In this article Pastor Brandon considers these questions and why church membership is important for the spiritual health and vitality of every Christian. ...

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Passion for Children's Ministry

Pastor Barb explains why we should all be passionate about Children's Ministry....

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Names of God: A New Sunday Morning Study

Kardia will be launching a new study on the names of God beginning June 10. The series will meet at on Sundays a 10:45am in room 22. The names of God give us window into his character, beauty and nature. They are a great way to get know, love and appreciate the God we worship. So, join us for one week or all the entire series. ...

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