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Archives for June 2013

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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Kelly and I are now proud homeowners! After seven months of waiting and waiting and waiting for our short sale to close, it finally did. Looking back I wish tell you that I patiently waited out the process. But I didn’t. I tossed and turned, bit my nails, and cried out with the psalmist, “how long, O Lord?” ....Sometimes our spiritual livess are like thi...

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As Wildfires Rage, Covenanters Reach Out

Wildfires in Colorado have forced several members of the Evangelical Covenant Church congregations to evacuate their homes and come close to different Covenant Churches....

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What Do We Mean When We Talk About Christian "Missions"?

Jesus is the quintessential model of missions; one of the most often used phrases in the New Testament is “Jesus went.” He is the model of our faith and how to put our faith into practice doing what He commanded and modeled. Before Christ gave the Great Commission, he modeled missions for us by His very presence and through His ministry and He trained His disc...

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Helping Children Take Responsibility

Pastor Barb announces on July 3rd, Nate and Lucio will become part of the Ellis' family. Congrats! Today Pastor Barb shares a tip to other parents on "Helping Children Take Responsibility."...

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