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Weekend to Remember

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The Pacific Southwest Conference is offering a discount for couples who register for "Weekend to Remember." Please use the discount code PSWC when registering and receive $100 off. The marriage retreat will be in Phoenix June 16-18....

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Reclaiming Christmas

Another Christmas season is upon us, and we are embarking upon a new journey to discover what it could look like to prepare for Christmas differently. How often do we actually think about HOW we prepare for Christmas, and WHY we do what we do? Why lights â€" malls â€" trees â€" and shopping?...

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Facing Your Fears - New Sermon Series

We are fragile mortals given to fears of every sort. We have built-in insecurities that no amount of whistling in the dark can chase away. We are fearful…fearful of the future, of death, of war and perhaps most gripping, fearful that our life ultimately doesn’t matter. ...

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"On the Move" - New Sermon Series

Join us as we explore the global mission for Hope Covenant Church. During this series you’ll discover how every believer plays an essential role in God’s mission to reach the world with his love and salvation....

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Remove the Log - New Sermon Series

Pastor Duane’s new sermon series is entitled, “Remove the Log!” based on Matthew 7:1-5 where Jesus says “First get rid of the log in our own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in our friend’s eye.” (Matt. 7:5, NLT)...

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What Would Jesus Say to the Church? - New Sermon Series

Wouldn’t it be cool if Jesus were standing beside us and we could ask Him, “What do you think of the church in 2014?” This summer we will be preaching from Revelation 2-3 and answer this question....

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New Sermon Series - Unleashing Hope

Underneath every thriving person, every thriving marriage, kid, and business is one fac-tor��"hope! Hope Covenant Church is joining churches from around the nation to unleash hope through an innovative seven-week series based on the new book, The Hope Quotient, by Ray Johnston....

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God's Transforming Power - New Sermon Series

What does it mean to have our lives transformed by God’s power? Is it possible? Can we experience transformation in our world in 2014?...

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My Ebenzer - New Sermon Series

The Ebenezer stone was a monument to God’s help, God’s faithfulness, and God’s eternal covenant. It was a reminder of what matters…what matters to God and what matters to us. In this new series of messages, Pastor Duane will ask the question, “What are our stones of remembrance?”...

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What Is Christmas? Christmas Series 2013

New Sermon Series for Christmas 2013. In this series, Pastor Duane will share what the Bible says about the true meaning of Christmas....

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New Sermon Series - "Be Encouraged"

Pastor Duane will preach through 2 Corinthians in this new 10-week series entitled "Be Encouraged!"...

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New Sermon Series - What's Your One Step?

New sermon series based on Evangelism....

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Thank You From the Covenant Missionaries

We received a special thank you from Mary Lou and Gary Sander, Colombia Covenant missionaries....

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Blessed! - New Sermon Series

Everyone wants to be “blessed”. But what does it mean to be blessed? Is it about being rich, sexually active, popular, funny, good-looking, or having a large family? Is the blessed life about a fun-filled Americanized “pursuit of happiness”? Or is real blessing something else entirely?...

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New Sermon Series - I Do! I Don't! I Will! I Won't

New sermon series teaching through the principles from God's word for our relationships to last a lifetime. ...

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Courage To Stand In A Fallen World

The rabbis called him the “Weeping Prophet.” He labored as God’s prophet for 40 years, from 627 BC. Who was this man? And what impact did he have on his world over 2½ millennia ago. And what impact does his life and teachings have on us today?...

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Vision on the Move - New Sermon Series

This is our new sermon series starting 2013 describing our past, present and potential for the vision of Hope Covenant Church....

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Christmas Gifts - New Sermon Series

What is the one word that is used most often at Christmas time? It’s the word “gift.” Please join us every Sunday for our Christmas series to help you give the perfect gift....

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Living Hope - New Sermon Series

Here’s a principle we need to keep in mind: What you don’t understand, you fear. What you fear, you oppose. What you oppose, you attack. ...

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Update from our Missionaries in Mexico City

Here is a August Newsletter update from Janise and Tom Kelly, our missionaries serving in Mexico City. They will be visiting Hope Covenant Church, Sunday, September 23. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. ...

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What is a Christian? - New Sermon Series

"What is a Christian?" Ask 100 people to define it. You'll get 100 different definitions. Christianity. What does the Bible say about it?...

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The Parables of Jesus - Summer Sermon Series

Don't miss a single Sunday of our summer 2012 sermon series - Finding Direction - The Parables of Jesus!...

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Mother's Day Brunch Followup

The Women of Hope had the privilege of honoring and serving more than 50 women from Maggie's Place on Saturday, May 12. Not only did current residents of the three local "hospitality homes for pregnant single women" attend, but many "alumni" moms came with their children, too....

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Latest News on Mother's Day Brunch for Maggie's Place

Thank you for your response to serve at the Mother's Day Brunch for Maggie's Place....

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Women Volunteers Needed!

Would you like to serve for our Mother's Day event? It is only for two hours....

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Financial Freedon

This series will give you a new perspective on finances!...

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