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Facing Your Fears - New Sermon Series



We are fragile mortals given to fears of every sort. We have built-in insecurities that no amount of whistling in the dark can chase away. We are fearful…fearful of the future, of death, of war and perhaps most gripping, fearful that our life ultimately doesn’t matter. In this new series, Pastor Duane will look at the things we are afraid of…the things that go bump in the night, and see what the Bible has to say about our fears. The prohibition that Jesus uttered more frequently than any other was the command “Fear not.”

Sunday, October 12 “Facing Your Fear of the Future”

Sunday, October 19 “Facing Your Fear of Your Child’s Future”

Sunday, October 26 “Facing Your Fear of Failure”

Sunday, November 2 “Facing Your Fear of Financial Disaster”

Sunday, November 9 “Facing Your Fear of Loneliness”

Sunday, November 16 “Facing Your Fear of Inadequacy”

Sunday, November 23 “Facing Your Fear of Marital Failure”

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