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Archives for November 2014

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Happy Thanksgiving Hope Family!

As we prepare for Thanksgiving, let's prepare our hearts too. Are you truly thankful? Are you even thankful for the bad? If you're like me it's easy to be thankful for at the good but harder for the tough stuff. ...

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Reclaiming Christmas

Another Christmas season is upon us, and we are embarking upon a new journey to discover what it could look like to prepare for Christmas differently. How often do we actually think about HOW we prepare for Christmas, and WHY we do what we do? Why lights â€" malls â€" trees â€" and shopping?...

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Reaching Churchless America

Churches and demographics are constantly changing. This article in Leadership Magazine gives some interesting insights into cultural dynamics. Enjoy....

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Lessons from Lois

On Sunday, Bruce and Stacey Heimkes shared with us about Paul Carlson, a Covenant medical missionary who was martyred in DR Congo 50 years ago. In today's article Gary Walter shares with us several lessons he has learned from Paul's widow, Lois. Click here to read the article:...

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When Science Trumps Faith:

Over the past few days I have been trying to keep tabs on the story of Brittany Maynard. Many are aware that this 29-year-old woman with brain cancer said she would end her life through physician-assisted suicide on November 1. Sadly she did....

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