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Archives for May 2014

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Spiritual Practices

Sometime ago I was struck by a statement from Richard Mulholland in his book “The Deeper Journey.” He said, “we can be so busy being in the world for God that we fail to be in God for the world.” It’s often true that those of us engaged in ministry can find ourselves spiritually dry. If we are not grounded in God, attentive to the Spirit, we ...

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Lucky Poor?

How many of us middle class folks think that the poor are lucky? How many of us believe that the poor are happy? ...

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Why God Wants You to be the (Host)ess with the Mostess

Last summer something tragic happened. The air conditioner in our house died. It completely stopped working. Thankfully, a couple from church invited us to spend the night at their place until our air conditioner got up and running again. So Kelly and I packed up the girls and drove over to this couple’s house. When we arrived we were overwhelmed....

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Do Christians Really Need Hope?

I am looking forward to our next series on Hope. I found myself thinking about the concept since you announced the series about how hope fits into a Christian’s life. And then I came to the conclusion that there is no room for hope in a Christian’s life....

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What Would Jesus Say to the Church? - New Sermon Series

Wouldn’t it be cool if Jesus were standing beside us and we could ask Him, “What do you think of the church in 2014?” This summer we will be preaching from Revelation 2-3 and answer this question....

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