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Archives for October 2015

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The Wisdom In Hot Chocolate


A group of middle-aged friends, well-established in their careers, were talking at a recent class reunion. When one of them mentioned an old professor they had all had in college, who was now retired but living close to campus, they decided to pay him a visit. He had always been a great inspiration and they knew they would enjoy reminiscing about the years back in school. ...

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Boldness in prayer is an uncomfortable thought for many. We think of speaking softly to God, humbling ourselves before God, or having a chat with God... but agonizing before God? Storming Heaven with prayers? Pounding on the door of the Most High? Wrestling with God? Isn’t such prayer irreverent? Presumptuous? It would be had God not invited us to pray as such....

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Who Am I?

I love the fact that God uses ordinary people to partner with Him in accomplishing His purposes. When we join up with God remarkable changes take place in our lives. God unwraps the package of His power, gifts, strength, insight, wisdom, character development, hope, compassion, grace and on and on. Read more... ...

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Home Alone

Just about every person knows someone who LOVES gadgets. Perhaps that person is you! Many of us have a love-hate relationship with technology. When it's working well, it can be so amazing; when it's not...what a headache!...

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