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Archives for November 2013

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A Response to a Typhoon

Every year it happens, an event so devastating, so sudden, so all-consuming that families, communities and entire nations are knocked down, torn apart or blown away. Many of us have seen the news the past two weeks and seen the destruction of central Philippines by what meteorologists are calling a "super typhoon" and one of the "strongest storms ever." It's estimated that...

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Here we are, the week before Thanksgiving. I am certain that many of you are making last minutes plans with family or friends; ironing out the details of who is bringing what for the big meal. As we enter this wonderfully busy season we remember the countless number of things that we have to be thankful for....

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Extra Cars

The extra cars parked in front of the house could have been there for any reason. A gathering of friends to watch Monday Night Football. A Pampered Chef party. A Neighbor Watch meeting. Maybe even a Bible study. There are lots of houses in this valley of 3 million people and more cars than houses. So many cars that to the eye they become invisible moving pieces again...

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One Box - One Life!

If you’ve been around Hope for a year or two, you know that when the calendar reaches November, it means one thing Shoeboxes! For the past 8 years or so, Hope has teamed up with the Ministry Samaritan's Purse to help send over 100 million shoeboxes to hurt, abandoned, and war ravaged children around the world....

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