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A Response to a Typhoon

Hope Weekly 11-12-13


A Response to a Typhoon

Every year it happens, an event so devastating, so sudden, so all-consuming that families, communities and entire nations are knocked down, torn apart or blown away. Many of us have seen the news the past two weeks and seen the destruction of central Philippines by what meteorologists are calling a "super typhoon" and one of the "strongest storms ever." It's estimated that at least 10,000 people died in storm. And then last week tornadoes ripped through Illinois, quickly leveling homes. It seems like now matter where we look, things are falling down, people are in need and many of us are left wondering how we can help.

Whenever world disasters happen, North Americans are quick to send aid. Often we want to give but don't know trustworthy organizations that will actually send our donations to the source of greatest need. Perhaps our money and other donations will get squandered by scammers or the organization we choose will gobble up a majority of our donations paying stateside salaries? How can I make sure my donation, meager though it may be, will get to people like those I see on the news?

There are many reputable relief organizations out there. The Evangelical Covenant Church responds to disasters through the on-going efforts of Covenant World Relief. If you've never heard of CWR, please take two minutes to watch this clip which will outline our work across the globe: http://covchurch.tv/cwr-visual-essay/

You can safely donate funds in response to Typhoon Haiyan through CWR by following this link http://www.covchurch.org/relief/projects/disasters/philippines-typhoon/ and while there, read updates from past CWR projects.

There are many significant ways to respond to world disasters if you don't have money to give. In the Bible there are countless stories of people facing disaster. In nearly every story it is an outpouring of prayer that moves God to intervene. So if you can't send your money to the Philippines, you can spend time each day praying for those in need around the globe and in our own community.

In fact, 1 in 4 children in our own city will go to bed hungry tonight. During our Thanksgiving Eve service this week (Wednesday, 7pm @ Hope) we will be receiving an offering of canned goods -- soups, pasta, tuna, peanut butter and other non-perishables -- to restock the shelves at Matthew's Crossing Foodbank. We invite you to join us for an hour to consider the true meaning of thanksgiving and experience a practical expression of thanksgiving.

With encouragement,

corrie g

Pastor Corrie


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