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Archives for August 2015

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Take a risk!

To be a risk-taker presumes doing. I looked into the face of a young man laying in a casket at his funeral. I’m sure nobody there wanted to trade places with him. He wasn’t doing anything bad… he just wasn’t doing! And not just not doing wrong isn’t a noble purpose to satisfy every people....

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When Jesus Works A Room

When Jesus was physically here on earth, what would it have been like to be Mary or Martha or Lazarus or one of the disciples? What would it have been like to shoot the breeze with Jesus? To have a barbecue with Jesus? What would the conversations have been about?...

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Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen

In the series I’m preaching on “Christian or Disciple?” we are asking the question “How would our world be different if we lived and loved and died like disciples” (real-time followers of Jesus)? If we treated our brothers and sisters in the church as “ladies and gentlemen”, how different would the church look? How about every single visitor who walks through...

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I Can’t, but God can.

Some of the most frustrating things we may experience as humans is overcoming adversity. Adversity comes in many different forms, and it is quite often unwarranted. Adversity may occur without rhyme or reason. It may come in the form of losing a loved one, trouble in marriage or with your children, or even through a poor attitude of a coworker. However, God consistently us...

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Is there a place we are not prepared to journey in the quest for greater capacity?

"I wonder what you would consider is too high a price for your discipleship? Your marriage? Your children? Your parents approval? Your family’s acceptance? Your friend’s affirmation?"...

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