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Love Does


Happy day after Valentine’s Day, Hope Family!

With Valentine’s day just behind us, I wanted to encourage you to try a new Bible Study. This one came to me in one of my morning devotional emails (Remember I was telling you about them last month, when Pastor Scott challenged us to take 15 minutes). Bob Goff is one of my favorite authors. If you haven’t read “Love Does”, you should.

Love isn’t just for Valentines Day -- it’s what gets me up everyday. Love isn’t just for that one special someone -- it’s for everyone. The chance to care for and encourage those around me is an honor. Measure all things in your life by the “Rule of Love”. What would God have you do? What does love require? What breaks your heart, and what one thing can you do to help?

Love U,

Pastor Barb

Download a copy here.

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