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Faithless or Faithful


Do you ever feel faithless? Like maybe your ability to trust God for the day, the week, or even forever, is slipping away?

Well, one of the great promises from God's word comes from another Christ-follower as he wrote to his young friend, Timothy. These three verses in 2 Timothy Chapter 2 might even have been an early Christian hymn or praise song, “but one thing is true… God is always faithful to his children.”

It‘s true we often suffer some great disappointments, some expectations or plans we might have not always materialized. We may even feel like God’s left us hanging and that an illness or injury has taken him away from us. But remember, He is faithful. And the real upside of this is if we remain faithful we will live eternally with Him someday. We’ll actually live in Christ’s kingdom and share and experience the many unbelievable things the Father has prepared for us.

So don’t turn away from God … because He promises you a wonderful future with Him. If you were here last Sunday, Scott shared this powerful verse:

“If we are faithless, He (God) remains faithful for he cannot deny who He is.” (2 Timothy 2:13 -NLT)

That’s what it’s all about. He remains faithful to us even when we are faithless. Let that promise take your faithlessness away and start today your journey of faith with Jesus.


Pastor Timm

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