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Archives for July 2013

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Get Your Fun On!

Do you recall the zest for life you had as a kid? Remember the exhilaration of playing sports or learning music or reading a book? Remember how the world seemed so open and ripe for exploration? I do. I loved the endless summers, beach days, and pool parties. I lived for football, basketball and skateboarding. There were so many exciting things to explore......

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New Sermon Series - What's Your One Step?

New sermon series based on Evangelism....

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Don't Just Pray - Part 2

“Just pray about it.” We’ve all probably been on the giving or receiving end of this bit of advice. Usually we hear it after we pour out a steaming hot mess of things like doubt, fear, confusion or anger. We take the risk of being vulnerable with a trusted friend or mentor. We expose the mess of our lives to someone we hope will listen, who may have s...

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Don't Just Pray - Part 1

There’s something new that has been bothering me lately. Everywhere I go these days I hear believers praying the word just. With this word I’d expect insignificant requests. Our prayer should flow out of our identity. There is no need for us to just ask for anything. Friends of Jesus should pray boldly, not weakly. Beloved children of God should pray intima...

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God's Fault?

“Why is there so much evil in the world?” “If a loving God is in control of this world where is he in our suffering and pain?” “Where is God in my suffering?” These are good questions. They are difficult questions. They deserve our careful attention to Scripture and our world....

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Caught in a Tension that Was Never Supposed to Exist

As we find ourselves in the midst of God's great story of redemption we have an opportunity to be His ambassadors. In a perfect world we would only have the responsibilities of worshiping God and caring for his creation. But in a fallen world, humanity takes up the tasks of reconciliation, evangelism, social justice, and repairing the rift between humanity and its Creator....

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