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Archives for July 2012

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Stories of Hope: Pam Zeigler

From time to time we will be having people from Hope share their "God stories" on our blog. Today, Pam Zeigler shares with us her amazing story of God's grace in the midst of financial ruin and painful circumstances. Her story is an encouraging account of how God "works all things together for the good of those who love God."...

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What is a Christian? - New Sermon Series

"What is a Christian?" Ask 100 people to define it. You'll get 100 different definitions. Christianity. What does the Bible say about it?...

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Find a Truth Worth Believing

How can we know the truth...the realities that God built into the universe? We never have all the facts, but we must decide what to believe. Here's the key: Doubt that leads to investigation. It works in the scientific world; it works in practical spirituality. Otherwise, we build our spiritual house on sinking sand....

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For Spiritual Laws of the Universe

The universe is built with all sorts of invisible laws and principles, forces and particles. But we know lots of these laws. Even though we can't actually see them, we can see how they behave. Gravity pulls downwards, lift pulls upwards, magnetism attracts and repels, but we've never seen any of these forces directly. God has shown us some of the universal laws that ar...

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Practical Faith

We sometimes talk about faith as if it was a special, church-only phenomenon. But in fact, faith is both practical and common. We use it every day, though we might not recognize it. We rely on faith when our eyes fail us....

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Social Media Used for Sex Exploitation

Kids are using the internet,namely social media, to lure unsuspecting, unknowing victims into the sex trafficking world....

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