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Archives for September 2015

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Would You Know One If You Saw One?

A local businessman was teaching a Sunday School class of 4th grade boys and wanted especially to impress these boys because his own son was in the class. One Sunday during the lesson he asked, "Why do you suppose that people call me a Christian?" It was unusually quiet, so he asked again. "Why do you suppose that people call me a Christian?" Still no response. Mr. Jackson...

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Learning To Wait

Waiting may be the hardest single thing we are called to do. So it is frustrating when we turn to the Bible and find that God Himself, who is all-powerful and all-wise, keeps saying to his people, Wait....

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I hate good-byes. I’m the guy sitting in the car waiting for Sheri to say her good-byes. The definition of good-bye is “an act of parting or leave-taking.” So this blog is one of my good-byes… a leave-taking. It’s difficult because I’m one who likes to be in control of his emotions ...

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Labor Pains

There is a greater purpose to our work than providing our basic needs. There is an underlying factor why God created work in the first place. Work has been ordained by God since day 1 (Genesis 1). He did not create work to punish us. He created it as a gift to fulfill our lives....

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