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Archives for August 2014

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Don't Let Them Sail Without You!

This article is by Craig Jutila, author of several great books one being "Faith and the Modern Family." He has a wonderful funny way of helping us see what we are missing....

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Big News

God clearly calls us to be a church that reflects his character and extends compassion, mercy, and justice in our city. But, how to we, as a church, be people of compassion, mercy and justice? Who are the marginalized, voiceless, oppressed, and invisible in Chandler? How could we extend love and mercy to them? We've found one way and I want to tell you all about it....

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"On the Move" - New Sermon Series

Join us as we explore the global mission for Hope Covenant Church. During this series you’ll discover how every believer plays an essential role in God’s mission to reach the world with his love and salvation....

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Opening to Door

This past Sunday I encouraged us all to say “no” to self-sufficiency and “yes” to Jesus-dependency. According to Revelation 3:20 Jesus is knocking on the door of our lives because he wants to be with us, talk with us, and to get know us. Today, right now, Jesus desires your fellowship. But how do we cultivate a "friendship" with Jesus? Where do we b...

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Remove the Log - New Sermon Series

Pastor Duane’s new sermon series is entitled, “Remove the Log!” based on Matthew 7:1-5 where Jesus says “First get rid of the log in our own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in our friend’s eye.” (Matt. 7:5, NLT)...

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Campuses are a battleground for souls!

By the end of this week most of the Arizona children between the ages of 4 and 18 will be enrolled in school. By the end of this month, most of the colleges in the state will be up and running as well. Campuses will be bustling with students of many nationalities and colors. It will be a glorious sight! ...

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