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Don't Let Them Sail Without You!


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Dont' Let Them Sail Without You

Hi Hope family,

As Summer winds down and by now all the kiddos are back to school, doesn't a vacation sound great! Well, I was thinking that when this showed up in my inbox. It made me think even more on a hot sticky day that I don't want to waste a minute.

This article is by Craig Jutila, author of several great books one being "Faith and the Modern Family." He has a wonderful funny way of helping us see what we are missing. Click on this link to follow his blog.  

I'd encourage you to check it out.

Time flies, say not so time stays we go!

Love U,



Pastor Barb


“You Have to take Advantage of this Opportunity” By Craig Jutils

A few years ago, I was invited to be a guest speaker on a cruise ship. As it turned out, I was available! When the ship arrived at our first port of call, passengers had the option of staying on the ship or disembarking and walking around town. We opted for the second. Once we stepped off the ship, we were met by at least 50 people selling T-shirts, jewelry and food.

I guess you could say they were in the right place at the right time. Pretty smart to be in that exact location at the very moment when the ship arrived. It’s like they somehow knew. Well, of course they knew, and I’m sure they knew when the next ship was due into port as well. You see, they were “taking advantage of the opportunity.”

We are reminded to take advantage of such opportunities in Ephesians 5:15-17 GWT

So then, be very careful how you live. Don’t live like foolish people but like wise people. Make the most of your opportunities because these are evil days. 

Here is Ephesians 5:15-17 with the word people being replaced with the word parents.

So then, be very careful how you live. Don’t live like foolish parents but like wise parents. Make the most of your opportunities because these are evil days. 

Do you see those words, “make the most of your opportunities?”

Those six words literally mean “buying the time.” Now, we all know there isn’t a place that sells time, so what does it mean to “buy the time”? The thought goes back centuries and was a metaphor taken from a time when merchants would observe the best time to sell their goods, like when a ship would sale into port. If a merchant was late and the boat had sailed they were said to have “missed the opportunity.”

If the merchants were in “the right place at the right time” they were “buying the time.”

You see, our kids are similar to a cruise ship in that they sail into our homes for a short time and then they sail off to start their own family one day. As parents we must “take advantage of the opportunity” while they are at home, or, in port with us.

Ask God for the wisdom necessary to make the most of our time, and to take advantage of every opportunity we have with our kids. If we don’t take advantage of our opportunity, it will eventually sail away. Time does not stop while we try to decide how to best take advantage of it. Time is relentless that way. Taking advantage of each opportunity requires a certain diligence and planning from each one of us.

How will you plan your time this week to take advantage of every opportunity?

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