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Archives for May 2012

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How John Travolta Healed My Image of God

Pastor Corrie in her role as chaplain helps us to relate to a difficult patient as he blames God for his life circumstances....

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Becoming a Church for the Unchurched

A study was done in the last few years, and the results were published in the book, Surprising Insights from the Unchurched, by Thom S. Rainer. I was challenged as a leader to become a church for the unchurched. Here are some of the author's conclusions based on his research....

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How Are You?

How are you? Before they came to America, my foreign exchange daughters were told that Americans ask this question never expecting an answer. It's just a conversation starter. We're internationally known as insincere that way. It doesn't help that our canned response is an equally-insincere "Fine!"...

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The Christian Dream

Here's a little test for you. What comes to mind when you see these words? Greed Wanting More The Principle of Progress Exposure The American Dream Discontentment Upgrading Material Appetites...

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The Parables of Jesus - Summer Sermon Series

Don't miss a single Sunday of our summer 2012 sermon series - Finding Direction - The Parables of Jesus!...

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Mother's Day Brunch Followup

The Women of Hope had the privilege of honoring and serving more than 50 women from Maggie's Place on Saturday, May 12. Not only did current residents of the three local "hospitality homes for pregnant single women" attend, but many "alumni" moms came with their children, too....

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Does God Play Soltaire?

Who would have guessed back in the heady, space-race '60s that the most common use of computers in the 21st century would be solitaire?...

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Latest News on Mother's Day Brunch for Maggie's Place

Thank you for your response to serve at the Mother's Day Brunch for Maggie's Place....

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Do You Believe in Divine Healing?

"Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on Earth as it is Heaven." Jesus' words found in Matthew 6:9-10 and the Sermon on the Mount. I have a confession to make, the more I read and study the Bible, the less I know about what is written in the Bible. I am going through a time in my life when I have more questions than answers. I don't doubt God's existence, or...

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