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Becoming a Church for the Unchurched

Web Article 5.21.12

Becoming A Church for the Unchurched

A study was done in the last few years, and the results were published in the book, Surprising Insights from the Unchurched, by Thom S. Rainer. I was challenged as a leader to become a church for the unchurched. Here are some of the author’s conclusions based on his research.

1. Major on the majors: Focus on the big issues like evangelism, fellowship, mission, service, and worship. Churches that argue over the color of the carpet or the type of music are not effective in reaching the unchurched.

2. Be Biblical, Conservative, and Convictional: People want to hear from God, and they want the pastor to believe with passion what he preaches.

3. Give Evangelism Priority and Passion: Evangelism must permeate the very culture of your church. That’s why we constantly talk about “INVESTING AND INVITING.”

4. Provide Deep Biblical Teaching: The un-churched are not afraid of depth or difficulty-they just want to know what’s real.

5. Develop an Effective and Comprehensive Small-Group Ministry: People want (and need) to be connected-Small Groups are the proven way to do it.

6. Invite Your Relatives: The most effective relationships in winning people to Christ are (gulp!)…our relatives-especially wives of unchurched husbands.

7. Check Your Facilities: Messy, unkempt, untidy facilities communicate messy, unkempt, untidy faith.

8. Cultivate a User-Friendly Greeter Ministry: The unchurched want to be greeted in a friendly, non-pushy, authentic way. We have been told we do that well.

9. Seek Excellence: Church can no longer be a haven for mediocrity. We are not called to be perfect, but to seek excellence-the unchurched know the difference.

10. Provide an Inquirers’ / New Members’ Class: People want to get to know the church; this class is the best method. We call ours CORE.

11. Know Your Purposes: You have to know and communicate your vision with clarity. We do that well.

12. Foster Ministry Involvement: Churches that work are churches where people are involved in ministry. Service communicates love to the un-churched.

13. Never Forget the Power of Prayer: Most of the effective churches in the study not only had pervasive prayer ministries, they also made certain these prayer ministries included a specific focus on lost and un-churched persons.

More than anything, I desire that Hope Covenant Church is a church that reaches the un-churched for Jesus Christ. May we constantly strive to be people who look and act like Jesus, and be a church that shines His love and grace into our community


Pastor Duane

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