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Get Your Fun On!

Do you recall the zest for life you had as a kid? Remember the exhilaration of playing sports or learning music or reading a book? Remember how the world seemed so open and ripe for exploration?

I do.

I loved the endless summers, beach days, and pool parties. I lived for football, basketball and skateboarding. There were so many exciting things to explore. The world was for the taking and the possibilities everywhere.

But, I think, there is a temptation once we "grow up" to lose some of our zeal and zest for life, and get sidetracked by other things. Think with me for a moment. 


What are the life-giving activities or hobbies in your life? Do you enjoy painting, photography, woodworking, sewing, gardening, walking, softball, music, bowling, the gym, hiking, or traveling? Something else? Do you schedule time for these things and make them a priority?

I hope so. We were created to work from a place of rest. We need life-giving hobbies that feed our souls. These things are acts of worship that help open up our eyes to God’s beautiful creation. They help rejuvenate us and our creative juices flowing. So, let's not allow "work" to screen out fun, let's make life-giving activities a prioirty.

Get your fun on!


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Pastor Brandon

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