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What Would Jesus Say to the Church? - New Sermon Series

New Sermon Series “What Would Jesus Say to the Church?”

Wouldn’t it be cool if Jesus were standing beside us and we could ask Him, “What do you think of the church in 2014?” Well, 2000 years ago He answered that question by writing (through John’s revelation) to the 7 churches of Asia Minor. His message to the churches is the same message He would deliver today.

This summer we will be preaching from Revelation 2-3 and answer the question, “What would Jesus say to the Church?”

June 22: “The Church at Ephesus” Pastor Duane

June 29: “The Church at Smyrna” Pastor Brandon

July 6: “The Church at Pergamum” Pastor Brandon

July 13: Guest Preacher David Hills

July 20: “The Church at Thyatira” Steve Reed

June 27: “The Church at Sardis” Pastor Duane

August 3: “The Church at Philadelphia” Steve Reed

August 10: “The Church at Laodiea” Pastor Brandon

Don’t miss a single Sunday!

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