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Spiritual Practices

Spiritual Practices

By Steve Burger

Sometime ago I was struck by a statement from Richard Mulholland in his book “The Deeper Journey.” He said, “we can be so busy being in the world for God that we fail to be in God for the world.” It’s often true that those of us engaged in ministry can find ourselves spiritually dry. If we are not grounded in God, attentive to the Spirit, we will neither know God’s will nor have the capacity to live into it.

Spiritual practices have long been a way for us to be first “in God.” While all include a reflective dimension, all are also active. They are meant to help us be attentive to God’s loving and abiding presence. From there we may find within this space a further sense of God’s will.

Recently we have spent some time prayerfully refreshing and adding to a series of Spiritual Practices we call GROWing Deeper in Christ. They are a resource for the church. They can be used by individuals, groups, families or in the context of worship.

The Practices include:

Walking with God

Walking with Others

Praying Through Art

Telling Your Story

Choosing Justice

Reading the Bible

Reviewing Your Day

Praying in Community for the World

Caring for Creation

Praying Scripture

Developing a Rule of Life

Becoming Generous

Keeping a Spiritual Journal

Embodying Our Faith

Consider what spiritual practices might help draw you first into God that you might know God’s will for you in the world.

Steve Burger

Adult, Children, Family, and Intergenerational

(773) 442-6574

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