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Names of God: A New Sunday Morning Study

What’s in a Name?

Bible names are packed with meaning. Abraham laughed at the thought of having a child at 100 years of age, so God told him to name the child “Isaac,” or “he laughs.” In Egypt, when Pharaoh’s daughter drew a Hebrew baby out of the water, she named him “Moses,” or “drawn”. There are many such explanations of how individuals ended up with the names they had. It should come as no surprise then, that God is often identified by a name that describes an attribute or character trait. There are, in fact, very many names for this multi-faceted God who relates to us in so many ways.

The first mention of God in the Bible is in Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” The Hebrew word for God here is “Elohim,” a plural noun, perhaps an initial reference to the triune nature of God? We’ll explore this and other names for God in Kardia’s Summer Lite study June 10 through August 26. (No class on Sunday, June 24.)

Each week will be a stand-alone study focusing on one or more of the Bible names for God. Our desire is that we would get to know God better by studying these names and the attributes of God which they represent. Is there a particular name or characteristic of God you want to explore? Check the schedule for a list of the names we plan to focus on each week, then come join the Kardia class each Sunday morning at 10:45am in room 22.

Click here for the lesson schedule

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