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Critical Decisions to Make NOW

Critical Decisions to Make NOW


I saw it far too often as a chaplain – a person in an unexpected health crisis who could not speak for herself, had no recorded wishes and who had never discussed with her loved ones what she would want done if she were incapacitated. I’ve worked with many families who have had to find a way in their shock and grief to make very complex medical decisions. In these scenarios, having a plan or expressed wishes makes a huge difference. While no medical emergency is easy to manage, making decisions ahead of time can be the difference between further trauma for your loved ones and lightening their heavy burden.

All hospitals in America honor what are called “advance directives.”  These are written instructions regarding your personal medical care preferences. Advance directives can include a living will, a designation of your medical power of attorney and your preferences about resuscitation. These are used only when you are unable to make your own decisions.

I will be hosting an Advance Directive Workshop on Sunday April 27th at 1pm in the conference room. A speaker from Hospice of the Valley will explain advance directives in depth, answer questions, provide critical materials and tell you how to register your medical care decisions with the state.

Who should complete advance directives?

  • Anyone undergoing surgery with general anesthesia
  • Parents of minors
  • Single parents
  • Married adults without children
  • Single adults
  • Seniors
  • Anyone with a chronic illness/disease
  • Anyone whose next-of-kin lives out of state

ANY adult can fill out advance directives and I recommend it as a healthy practice for ALL adults.

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, RSVP to the seminar by emailing me – corrie@hopechurchandler.com. We have room for 15 people. If we overflow, I will keep your name and offer the seminar again.

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