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Farewell from Pastor Corrie


Friends in Christ,

By now most of you have heard that I have accepted a wonderful job offer and will be moving to Hawaii in June. Tuesday April 29th is my last day serving as one of your pastors at Hope, though I will continue worshipping with you in May. After I move, I will work as a chaplain at the Punahou School in Honolulu, which is on the island of Oahu. Punahou is the oldest private school west of the Mississippi and serves over 3,700 students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Started by Congregationalist missionaries, the school retains a strong Christian heritage. Every grade level attends chapel about once a week. I will lead all chapel services and offer pastoral care and counseling to students in Kindergarten through 5th grade.

The past three years serving on our staff have given me tremendous opportunity to grow spiritually, use my gifts, and gain valuable ministry experience. Thank you all for graciously receiving my ministry, offering helpful feedback and trusting me with your stories. I am most grateful that your affirmation and financial support enabled me to pursue first a ministry license with the ECC and now Ordination to Word and Sacrament. I’ll be sure to send you a picture from my ordination service, in Chicago on June 28th!

And now for some special thanks:

Pastor Duane -- thank you for calling me to serve Hope as interim associate pastor in 2011, for giving me so many opportunities to preach and for mentoring me through the ordination process. I deeply admire your ability to humbly accept responsibility for your mistakes; this is a rare quality in leaders these days. Thank you for shaping a congregational culture where imperfect people can come and receive the mercy and love of Jesus Christ. You've done this by sharing your story and being vulnerable about your own weaknesses and struggles, which has led to healing and growth for so many!

Hope Staff -- It's been wonderful to collaborate with you these past years. Thank you for faithfully praying for me, for allowing me to cry when I need to in staff meeting, for laughing with me, and for faithfully serving Jesus as you lead in ministry.

Hope Elders -- Thank you for believing in me and trusting in my leadership.

Women's Ministry Lay Leaders -- I'd like to acknowledge the valuable contributions of Joan Maloof, Terry Hill, Euojin Lee, Kelly Hovey, Fran Carey, Pam Karlberg, Sheri Cross and many others! Thank you all for your work planning retreats, teaching Bible studies, leading service projects, and sharing your hearts with our women over tea (or coffee). We are always looking for a few good women to reach out in our congregation. If you feel God prompting you to consider serving the women of Hope, please approach Pastor Duane.

I appreciate you prayer as I transition to life on an island with its own unique culture and as I begin the adventure of working with children. If you want to follow my progress, feel free to check in with my blog: http://pastorwithapurse.com. My thoughts and prayers will be with Hope Covenant and its wonderful, imperfect people. May God continue to richly bless you!

corrie g

Pastor Corrie


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Corrie, wishing you the "best of the best" on your new adventure! Punahou is truly being blessed with you on staff:-)
We (me) @ Hope will miss your friendship, guidance, knowledge, sense of humor & your BEAUTIFUL smile:-)
We might have to seriously think about a girls trip to come check in on you !
Lov you lots...:-)

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