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HOPE Covenant Sermons

The Goal Is Relationship

November 12, 2023 Speaker: Pastor Jaime Levi Series: Luke- Jesus for Everyone

Topic: Relationships Verse: Romans 2:4

For far too long, the modern church has thought of mission and relationship as two separate categories within the life of faith. Pastor Jaime Levi, however, encouraged us to shift that paradigm. In the same way that the Trinity is relational and missional, seeking to both be in relationship with creation and always working for its good, we are invited to view relationship as the end, not the means, of mission.

Sin itself is a relational word; it implies that a relational breach has occurred. Thus, God’s response to sin is to restore relationship, not simply to correct behavior. Jesus’ mission on earth was to enter into relationship with 12 disciples, a community that was tasked to partner with God in order to fulfill Jesus’ prayer “on earth as it is in heaven.” As Jesus’ followers, we too can build loving relationships with our neighbors, not so that they will attend church or so that they will believe as we do, but because the way of love is the way of God.

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