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Summer Together: The conversion of Saul

July 23, 2017 Series: Summer Together: Celebrating Community

Topic: Summer Together Verse: Acts 9:1–30, Romans 10:9–13, Ephesians 2:8–9

1. How do you know you are Christian?

2. How do you know others are Christians?

3. How do others know you are Christian?

Prevenient Grace of God: God's grace comes to us first.  He moves us to respond in faith.

The sudden conversion of Saul - Grace of God caused the conversion

The gradual conversion of Saul - Ref. Acts 26:12

The response

The Transformation - A changed life

GOADS - something that encourages, urges or drives

God persuses you.  

Have you accepted his free of gift of grace? 

Live in Love not fear.

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