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Blessed Are The Merciful

November 6, 2016 Series: Beatitudes

Topic: Beatitudes Verse: Matthew 5:7–5:8


If you get what you deserve, that is Justice.
If you get what you don’t deserve, that is Grace.
If you don’t get what you deserve, that is Mercy.

The fruits of the Beatitudes are: Mercy, Purity, and Peace

Mercy is the character of God.

Exodus 34
Nehemiah 9:17
Psalm 86:15
Psalm 103:8
Psalm 145:8
Joel 2:14
Jonah 4:2

Mercy is not Emotionalism.

How do we practically show mercy?
I John 3:17-18 : Material Needs

We aren’t called to give until it hurts, we are called to give until the job is done.

Jude 1:22 - Spiritual Struggles
1 Peter 4:8 - Embarrassing Failures
Ephesians 4 - Personal Injuries