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Spring Forward

Hope Weekly 3/3/14

Spring Forward!

I know here in Arizona we don't do daylight savings time, but I want to encourage you to Spring Forward this week anyway! I don't mean change your clocks, I mean try something new! Step out in faith and see what God can do! As God makes all things new this spring, I know He has a plan for you! Maybe make a list of your top 5 goals and then ask God to give you a clear path.

This pass week I was in LA at the Children's Pastor's Conference. Fifteen hundred children's ministry workers from all over the world attended. As I networked with others, I found a common issue which Christian Families are facing. It would seem that if Satan can't make us bad he'll make us so busy we miss the things God wants to bless us with. Time and time again ministry leaders shared that they can't understand why a relationship with Christ isn't the families 1st priority? More and more children from Christian homes are polled only to find that God’s word and prayer do not make the top five goals in their homes. As a parent of school age children I get it, there are just not enough hours in the day it would seem, but I am reminded to put God first. It would seem if we start with Him and make a relationship with Him our 1st priority( not just for ourselves but for our children) we seem to end up with enough time for the other things we value. Here's my list....

1) Honor God with all my words and deeds

2) Be the very best wife I can be, the one God created me to be

3) Help my adopted sons to develop a relationship with God, that will serve them their whole lives

4) Daily care for my family and friends making sure they know how grateful to God I am for each of them (I'm not sure when Christ will return, or when I'll be taken from this place, so I want to be ready)

5) I want to make sure all the children God gives me the honor of teaching know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by the creator of the universe to do His will

What's on your top 5 Spring forward list?

In addition I'd like to thank all of my church family for your prayers. I am still battling Valley Fever, (going on 6 months and no end in sight yet) with some good days and some harder days, but thanking God for all of you. It is an honor to have you pray for me.

Pastor Barb


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