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2014 Resolution on Immigration


The “2014 Proposed Immigration Resolution” is presented to the church with the intent of fostering dialogue, awareness, and feedback around a complex and often politicized issue.

Background on this Evangelical Resolution
The Christian Action Commission (CAC) writes resolutions on issues of public discipleship for the church to consider and vote on at denominational Annual Meetings. Since 2009, the CAC has adopted a new format for some topics that are more complex and require lengthier resolutions. These resolutions may be presented in draft format for the church to review over the first year, and subsequently adopt in its final format at the following year’s Annual Meeting. The year-long review process for resolutions is intended to help create time and space for engaging dialogue within the church, resulting in greater awareness, reflection, and education throughout the wider church on the topic addressed in a resolution, as well as provide opportunity for churches and individuals to submit comments or edits. The CAC has partnered with the Department of Compassion, Mercy, and Justice and related partners on this resolution and thanks all who have already contributed.

As followers of Christ who was himself a “stranger with no place to lay his head,” we are invited to advocate for the vulnerable and marginalized among us as an act of discipleship. We are reminded by the Covenant’s 2004 Resolution on Kingdom Values and Global Citizenship, “being the by-product of immigrant movements we have, when at our best, extended compassion to the sojourner and the stranger.”

Therefore, be it resolved that the 129th Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Covenant Church calls Covenant churches and Covenanters to:

1) Allow our worship and our biblical story to prepare us for healthy, Christian dialogue about immigration.

2) Enter into meaningful relationships with immigrant neighbors and immigrant churches by creating a safe space to share and hear stories.

3) Pray and advocate for our sisters and brothers who are caught in and suffer from the complexities of our current immigration system, as well as our lawmakers and immigration enforcement personnel.

4) Advocate for fair and humane immigration laws and policies that:

• Foster respect for the rule of law and border control;

• Establish law enforcement initiatives that are consistent with humanitarian values;

• Reform the family-based immigration system to reduce waiting times and reunite separated families;

• Advocate for the end of profiling actions that diminish personhood and create a culture of fear and division within society;

• Expand legal avenues for workers to enter the United States and work in a safe and legal manner with their rights and due process fully protected;

• Address the needs of the estimated 11 million people who are currently undocumented by creating a path toward legal immigration status or citizenship for those who qualify and satisfy specific criteria; and

• Advocate for labor laws that protect immigrants of any legal standing from exploitative labor conditions and human trafficking.

5) Support international development organizations, such as Covenant World Relief, Covenant World Mission.

To real the full disclosure of the resolution and paper, go to http://www.covchurch.org/resolutions/2013-immigration/

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