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HOPE Covenant Sermons

The Trail of Two Men's Tears

February 25, 2024 Speaker: Dave Johnson Series: Jesus' Final Week

Topic: Lent Verse: Mark 14:43–52

The Trail of Two Men's Tears // Mark 14:43-52

Pastor Dave Johnson

The Way of Jesus is hard. Sure, on the surface it seems easy. Love your enemies, pray for those who persecute you; we’ve all heard this and nodded along. But when real life happens, when we encounter betrayal, when people don’t meet our expectations, when we feel threatened, often these nice-sounding ideas go right out the door. This was the story of Jesus’ disciples Peter and Judas. Both men followed Jesus, nodding along during the sermons. Both men utterly failed and betrayed Jesus, and both even felt remorse! When they hit a crossroads between the Way of the Kingdom and the Way of the Sword, they chose the sword. So, why did their stories end so differently?

As Dave Johnson powerfully argued, the difference was a choice. Judas’ sin may have been the more harmful, but it was by no means unforgivable. However, while Peter’s tears led him to choose forgiveness, grace and ultimately reconciliation with the Messiah whom he betrayed, Judas’s tears led him to choose self-pity and isolation, turning him away from grace. Regardless of our failures or inability to live up to the Way of Jesus, may we choose Peter’s path, for that is the way that leads us to deeper relationship with the God who is always ready to welcome us back.

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