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HOPE Covenant Sermons

Mission Statement: Be Disciples Who Follow Jesus

September 10, 2023 Speaker: Doug Glynn Series: Big 3 in 2023

Topic: discipleship Verse: Matthew 22:37–39, Matthew 28:18–19

What does it mean to be a Christian? For some, Christianity consists of the right bumper stickers, the right radio stations, and the right beliefs. For the early church, however, Christianity was a way to be followed, not simply an identity to be showcased. In fact, when Jesus invited his earliest followers, he invited them to become disciples, that is, to follow him and do the kinds of things he did. As disciples, his followers slowly became more and more Christ-like, loving the unlovable, caring for the poor, and bringing Good News to all.

The reality today, as it was then, is that something or someone is always competing for our discipleship. We are being formed into the image of something, but that something is not always Christ. The challenge for each of us is to keep Christ as the center of our focus, for only then will we be formed by the one who brings abundant life.

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