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HOPE Covenant Sermons

The Life of David: A Despairing Heart

July 8, 2018 Speaker: Series: The Life of David

Topic: David Verse: 1 Samuel 18–22

David experiences the loss of his job, family, home, mentor and best friend and ends up in a cave. 

Every one of us will experiences times of pain/loss (caves).

"Caves are where God does some of his best work. The cave is where God sometimes molds and shapes human lives like no place else." David Johnson

"Sometimes, of all places in this world, it's not the palace; it's the cave where you meet God." - John Ortberg

So why does it take so long? Perhaps it's because God is never in a hurry as he shapes our hearts.

Romans 8:28 - God works in all things for our good. It does not say God 'causes' all things to happen. God does not cause evil. But in everything that comes our way, He will find ways to work it for our good...

James 1

Questions for Reflection: 

*God, where do YOU want to be at work in me?

*God, how could I partner together with YOU in these circumstances,right where I am?

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