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HOPE Covenant Sermons

The Life of David: A Courageous Heart, Part 2

June 24, 2018 Speaker: Series: The Life of David

Topic: David Verse: 1 Samuel 17:28–58

1) What are the Goliath's you are facing?
2) Why is it so tempting to 'wear Saul's armor' instead of figuring out how to live in ways consistent with your own unique wiring?
3) David had '5 smooth stones.' What are the symbolic 'smooth stones' you bring to your life's challenges? 
4) Saul’s effort to conform David into a mini-Saul was not mean-spirited. He was trying to be helpful. How does David respond to Saul’s suggestions and how can this help you know how to respond to people who want you to conform to their idea of who you should be? 
5) Describe a time when you resisted the pressure to conform. How did that go? How did your effort to be yourself in this situation help grow boldness in your heart? 
6) Name a situation you are currently facing in which someone is trying to get you to conform. What action or step do you need to take as you resist this temptation and boldly seek to be who God has made you?

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