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A Tale of Two Cities

November 12, 2017 Speaker: Doug Glynn Series: Unexpected: The surprising nature of the Kingdom of God

Topic: A Tale of Two Cities

Antipas was a ____________ king of a ____________ kingdom. He looked really, really big for a really, really ________ period of time.

Jesus grew up in ___________. N.T. Wright says we do not have an accurate picture of Jesus if we don’t understand this one thing about him: He was a Jewish peasant; that was His life.

I wonder if Jesus grew up with different ______________ and ___________ about what God would ____ for Him than I have?

What would Sepphoris look like if the ___________________ came to Sepphoris?

Don’t waste your life trying to build another Sepphoris… not because Sepphoris is inherently _______, because it’s not, but because Sepphoris _________________.

It is all part of the ________________ and it has no real power to make you ___________________.

As we learn to ________________ and live in the Story/Kingdom of God… He begins to change what it is we _____________ and what it is we really ___________.

When the Kingdom really does break out, you can’t ________ it, everybody will be ______________. It will be a city set on a hill.

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