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Advocacy for Victims of Abuse


There is an epidemic that impacts one in four women and one in eight men and crosses all racial, social, educational, economic and religious lines. It is abuse. AVA – Advocacy for Victims of Abuse is focusing the light of Christ on this dark tragedy. AVA is the call to the whole church to advocate for victims of abuse. Through our partnership together, AVA will, by God’s grace, equip the Hope Covenant Church to bring the healing touch of Jesus into this needy area.

AVA’s goals are to:

  • Provide awareness and educational seminars. 
  • Promote training opportunities.
  • Procure appropriate resources for men and women, teens, and children.

For additional help see: www.covchurch.org/abuse
National Domestic Violence Hotline 800.799.7233
Teen Dating Violence 877.923.0700 Teen Crisis 800.999.9999
Teen Advocacy – www.IWIWS.org
AVA Online Tutorial Available – www.ava-online.org
Why AVA Exists – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsxjJ8CQfDM

Hope Contact: Yvonne DeVaughn – email : devaughn3@gmail.com

Recent News

Ava Goes Global: Now in Argentina and Chile

In recent years, AVA has spread its reach into Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador. Now women in Argentina and Chile have been trained and equipped to recognize abuse and to know how to respond, in both community and congregation.

Earlier this month, AVA Regional Coordinators Lynda Delgado and Magdalena Sanchez of CHET, the Covenant’s Hispanic theological seminary in Los Angeles, traveled to Bariloche, Argentina to lead AVA training for 120 women from nine Covenant Churches of Argentina at their fall retreat. Women from Chile attended as well.   

“This was such an amazing, amazing experience,” said Lynda. “I felt like my understanding of giving the Good News was broadened. The words we shared were giving life to these women. That’s what Jesus came to do, to give life. You could just see the Holy Spirit working.”

Lynda and Magdalena conducted a special training session for Argentinian pastors, and there were sessions for teen girls as well. The MeToo movement has spread throughout the world, calling women everywhere to speak out. Now women in Argentina and Chile have the empowerment of AVA training. God grant that this will lead them to go deeper as disciples of Jesus Christ.