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HOPE Covenant Sermons

BECOME Like a Neighbor

May 26, 2024 Speaker: Liz Tautolo Series: Luke- Jesus for Everyone

Topic: Love Your Neighbor Verse: Luke 10:25–37

BECOME Like a Neighbor // Luke 10:25-37 // Pastor Liz Tautolo


Liz's sermon on Luke 10:25-37 delves into the story of the Good Samaritan, emphasizing Jesus' call for inclusive love and compassion. She challenges the audience to move beyond prejudice, expand their definition of neighbor, and actively embody the radical love of Jesus by BECOMING a neighbor. Emphasizing the importance of loving the foreigner and the neighbor, she argues that embracing compassion over condemnation, hospitality over hostility, and mercy over malice is critical for restoring the credibility of the church. Through personal reflection and scriptural exploration, Liz encourages listeners to become neighbors to all, demonstrating hospitality and love even in hostile environments, noting that the most hostile place might be an evaluation of their own hearts. She shares how a supernatural encounter with Jesus through humility and surrender can transform hearts to help us embrace compassion and BECOME a neighbor to others.