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It Doesn't Have to Be This Way

July 16, 2023 Speaker: Brandon Hodge Series: Luke- Jesus for Everyone

Topic: The Kingdom of God, Luke Verse: Luke 6:20–26, Proverbs 10:4, Proverbs 12:24, Proverbs 26:15, Luke 14:13, Luke 18:22, Isaiah 58:6–7, Acts 2:44–47

Every time we turn on the news, we see a dizzying number of stories of injustice, oppression, and human brokenness. It is easy to see these things and feel overwhelmed, many of us ending up resigned to believing that it will always be this way. But Jesus wants his followers to know that it doesn't have to be this way! As followers of Christ, we are invited to partner with God in bringing liberation, justice, and equity to a world controlled by systems of oppression, domination, and hierarchy.

Pastor Brandon Hodge's sermon offers a powerful invitation to see, imagine, and act in new and creative ways to bring God's Kingdom to earth. 

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