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A Simple Christmas: Hope for Thirsty Hearts

December 2, 2018 Speaker: Series: A Simple Christmas

Topic: Christmas Verse: Isaiah 9, Isaiah 35

What do you long and ache for?

When your soul is thirsty, do you 1) shut it down or 2) dare to quench your inner thirst?

Jesus offers Himself as the remedy for our thirst, but we often turn to counterfeits instead. What is the "well" you go to in order to quench your thirst?

We don't get free of sin or habits or hang-ups or addictions by feeling bad about ourselves. If we want to take a step towards HOPE - towards the FREEDOM Jesus offers us, we must ask another question: What am I thirsty for? What need am I trying to fill?

"Whatever it is that we look to when we sin, we are displaying exactly where it is that we DON'T trust God is good - where we don't believe He can fill/meet that need." What does that look like in your life? Where does your struggle reveal how you don't trust God can meet your deepest needs?

"All sin is generated from misdirected desire." What do you think about that statement?

Do you trust that God really can quench your deepest thirst with the life and love of Jesus? Why or why not?


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