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Men and Women: In the Beginning

May 13, 2018 Speaker: Doug Glynn Series: Family Matters

Topic: Relationships Verse: Genesis 2:10–2:25, Genesis 1:28, Psalm 115:9–115:11, Genesis 3:16

What is God's design for men and women?  Why did God create human beings male and female - two genders in the first place?

Ezer Kenego - what does it mean?  helper/companion/help meet???  or sustainer - life-giver?  Ezer=life saver - kenego=alongside

Help with what?  One of the big reasons God made human beings was to experience community - God loves community

1. we're made in God's image

2.  we're created Male and Female

Genesis 1:28 Creation Mandate

Does being made first = being the boss?

Genesis 3 - Fall and curse

Will each of us be willing to recognize where we are contributing to the battle of the genders and where we are partnering with the curse instead of freedom?

Will you allow God's Word to form your own understanding and attitude about the role of relationship with men and women?

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