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Fortifying Your Family

April 10, 2016 Speaker: Kelly Hoodikoff Series: Your Home. Your Castle.

Topic: Relationships Verse: Genesis 1:26–1:28

Your Home. Your Castle.
"Fortifying Your Family"

Kelly Hoodikoff | 04.10.16

Biblical view of family and church

The breakdown of family and community
Our major challenge: Individualism

Values of individualism
- Personal rights
- Life centered on individual
- Freedom
- Success
- Personal ....

Consequences of Individualism on family
- Couples stay as two
- Children grow up on their own
- Loneliness
- Separation

Consequences of Individualism on church family
- Easily offended
- Me and Jesus
- Spectator mentality
- Criticize other churches

Biblical view of family
- Image of God (Genesis 1:26-28) 
- Identity formed in family (Matthew 1) 
- Made to love (Matthew 22:36-40)

Biblical view of church
- God ‘our’ Father (Matthew 6:9) 
- God has called us to be one (Ephesians 4:1-6) 
- Jesus calls us to love one another (John 13:34, 35)

- Change thinking
- Die to self
- Give up rights
- Be intentional
- Build traditions
- Use ‘we’ words
- Be a team player
- Forgiveness

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”- C. S. Lewis

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