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I Didn't Expect Those Guys!

December 20, 2015 Speaker: Pastor Scott Oas Series: Christmas: Expect The Unexpected

Topic: Advent and Christmas Verse: Luke 1:2

“I Didn’t Expect Those Guys!”

Pastor Scott Oas | 12.20.2015

A - ANNOUNCEMENT (Luke 1:28) 
N - NEWS (Luke 2:10) 
G - GABRIEL (Luke 1:19) 
E - ETERNAL (Luke 15:10) 
L - LOVE (Hebrews 1:6)



Share a time when you were in a school, community or church play/musical. What do you remember about your feelings, emotions and excitement? 


A- announcement 
Read Luke 1:2.
What does the angel point out to Mary? What would “highly favored” and “the Lord is with you” mean?

N- news 
Read Luke 2:10.
With the shepherds the angel reveals what about “good news”?

G- Gabriel
Read Luke 1:19.
Why is it significant for Gabriel to tell them who he is?
What do you think is meant by, “I stand in the presence of God”?
What are the most important parts of Gabriel’s role?

E- Eternal welfare 
Read Luke 15:10.
What is the cause of the angel’s rejoicing? From this alone, what is revealed about the connection between angels and human beings?

L- Love 
Read Hebrews 1: 6.
What is the role of the angels as God’s son enters the human world?


Read Hebrews 1:1-6. This passage makes known so much about God’s son.
What stands out to you as core attributes and accomplishments?
In your life this Christmas season what are you thankful for regarding what Christ has done for you?
What might you do in worshipping Him?

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