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The Church at Thyatira

July 20, 2014 Speaker: Steve Reed Series: What Would Jesus Say to the Church?

Topic: General Verse: Revelation 2:18–2:29

What Would Jesus Say To The Church?

“The Church at Thyatira”

Steve Reed | 07.20.14


1. Is my life religious or spiritual? What are some of the indicators? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. How can I change my prayer life to be more meaningful? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3. What can I do to make Christ a Monday – Sunday life? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4. Where do I stand on the tap chart as far as hearing the voice of the spirit? How can I change? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Tap root – No time or money or desire

Tap shoes – The least I can do

Tap show- What do I get back

Tap scale - It feels good occasionally

Tap point- I will look for opportunities

Tapped in – I will stop weighing it out in my mind and just do it

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