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Our Approach

Our vision for global missions comes directly out of our vision as a church. We are committed to reaching one more person for Christ in Chandler and around the world. Spreading the gospel to around the world is central the mission of Hope Church (Matthew 28:18-20). Our desire is to ignite a revival that impacts not just individual lives but entire cultures, nations and people groups.

Our major areas of focus include the:

  • Navajo Nation: Working with the Navajo Nation and the Word of Life Bible Church. We offer several annual mission trips to serve, love, and preach the gospel to Navajo.
  • Colombia: Working with Isaza family, who ministers for Medallion.
  • Covenant World Missions: Working with and supporting Covenant missionaries.

Our Missionaries

Delp Family The Delp Familiy

Isaza Family

The Isaza Family

Our Calling

It is our hope that every member of our congregation will be involved inspreading God's Word on the mission field - either by experiencing a trip first hand or through prayer and financial support of those who are called.

To this end, we encourage our members to learn about and pray for our three missionary families, our work at the Navajo Nation, and for Covenant Missions and World Relief. The Isaza's family blogs, and the Covenant World Missions website are great ways to stay connected to these efforts.