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Mending the Soul

Mending the Soul (MTS) is an educational and equipping ministry created to serve the church and the community by embodying the justice, mercy, and goodness of God. We believe we best show: God’s justice by prophetically standing against abuse; God’s mercy by protecting the vulnerable and helping to heal the broken; His goodness by loving the broken and helping to restore the exquisite male and female design for healthy relationships.

MTS is a non-denominational, evangelical, non profit organization 50l (c) 3 that offers hope and healing to the wounded and vulnerable, in the name of Jesus. We believe that God loves every human being and delights in healing the broken and redeeming evil. Based on God’s love for the broken and the oppressed, and the commands of Scripture, we believe God calls His people to prioritize ministry to those broken by abuse. Because Scripture calls us to focus on caring for the poor and oppressed and because many abuse survivors do not have the resources for professional services, MTS exists to provide training and resources to leaders, so that churches and individuals can advocate for survivors of abuse. We also exist to partner with community agencies, to provide abuse prevention and healing training to staff and advocates for underserved populations. www.mendingthesoul.org

If you would like more information about Mending the Soul or joining a Mending the Soul group, please contact Cynthia Diehl at cdontherun@cox.net or at 602.617.0903.