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We love guests! We always will. Our church is fully committed to creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere where new guests enjoy attending. So if you are checking out, please, be a guest for a season. Kick the tires and engage with our congregation. See if this community is for you and your family.

If, however, you've been attending Hope for a while and you consider it "your church," "your family," "your community," then we want to encourage to you take the next step transition from being a guest to becoming a host.  

To be a host means transitioning from being a "recipient" to being an "active participant". The way this happens at our church is by becoming a member. Becoming a member at Hope is NOT about having your name on a dusty roll sheet or being part of a secret club.  Becoming a member is about you making a commitment to participate the life of Hope Covenant Church for however long God has you at our church.

The process is simple. We ask that you do three things:

  1. Take our Intro to HOPE Class, which introduces you to our passions, beliefs, history, etc. 
  2. Meet with one of our Pastors so we can get to know you and know how to serve you.
  3. Agree to be a committed and accountable member of Hope.

That's it! If you have questions or would like to become a member contact our office or sign up for our next Intro to HOPE Class