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Landscaping Crew

Presently, the Landscape Crew consists of two teams – each with a designated once a month Saturday task to care for and maintain our church’s grounds. Cleaning the parking lot, trimming trees, planting and pruning all vegetation on a 5-acre ground and maintaining the beautiful new Memorial Garden are all just part of the tasks we enjoyed while we nurture the blossoms of fellowship and friendship. Some of our major projects involved:

* Striving to keep Hope looking inviting and well cared for and visually appealing, thus creating a positivefirst impression of our wonderful church

* Annual All Church workday - tackling heavy duty clean-ups with the aid of Hope volunteers

* Memorial Garden - planting trees, bushes and flowers and continual upkeep including fountain

* Contracting weed control company annually to keep our grounds weed-free

* Irrigation system maintenance - a never ending project

* Organized mobile mini storage area for easy landscape tool accessibility; maintain tools and replace when needed

* Added new awesome team members via ‘Serve the Church Day’ sign-ups

* Grated back dirt and provided lighting at the parking lot for the Annual Hope’s Treasures Holiday Boutique

* Annual Thank You BBQ for all team members 

* One of our devoted Hope member cleans and sets up the patio and porches by blowing the debris off every Sunday morning

* Saving the church over $20,000 ANNUALLY by using volunteers at Hope, allowing those precious funds to be allocated to other needed ministries

If you would like to get involved with The Landscape Crew, you may contact Ron & Jill Nordstrom for more details.